Fred Scheeff

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Experience Designer

As one of the first employees, Fred's professional path is closely linked with our agency. As a UX and Digital Product Designer, Fred especially appreciates that his role and profession allow him to question everything and maintain a comprehensive view of projects.

Fred has worked on a multitude of projects, with the Smart Charging project by Bosch standing out for him. This project was not only exciting due to its innovative concept and the fulfillment of fundamental user needs in the field of electromobility, but also because it developed into a fully functional prototype with an underlying database that interacted with a real charging plug.

Fred finds his inspiration from various sources depending on the context, ranging from Instagram to blogs and magazines. The intense exchange with other team members is also a continuous source of new ideas for him. In his leisure time, he dedicates himself to sports and crafting activities, from renovations and furniture building to gardening.

If Fred were given a million euros, his decision on what to do with it is clear: invest in projects that advance the digitalization of German bureaucracy.

Fred plays a key role in this