Better digital products through design-driven innovation.

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We help great companies build better products – fast.

As designers, we put the user in the center of all activities. As innovators, we take all perspectives into consideration. As managers, we oversee the entire product development process.

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We’re a creative squad for hire

Covering all aspects from strategy to implementation, we create innovative digital products and are most effective when brought in early.

We manage the entire product development process. Streamlined and agile.



From business strategy to product ideation, we frame the challenge, give shape to decisions and clarify what to build – and why. Continously.



We create momentum by visualizing the initial big picture. Using prototypes, we evaluate and test ideas before implementation. Systematically.



Good design does not leave any question unanswered, but details need time. To keep the high pace and quality, we use modular design systems. Precisely.

We have a passion for latest technologies

Right now, we create Intelligent Apps, involving Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and the Internet of Things. Interacting with R&D engineers, product managers and digital creatives of all kinds, we create better innovative products, faster.


  • Smart Charging for Electric Vehicles
  • Predictive Maintenance for Connected Heatings
  • Energy Management for PV Systems


  • Data Marketplace and Analytics Platform
  • Real Estate Management with Machine Learning
  • Analyzing Motion Data to Improve Retail Locations


  • AI driven personality coaching

We play with giants and unicorns

We work with well-known international companies and brands. Our team is highly experienced in agile product development, both in startups and large enterprises.

We learn every day & we stick to our own rules.

These are our core beliefs, proven by experience and turned into a set of rules that we kindly ask you to acknowledge.

Humans matter most

Target groups and personas can’t take you anywhere. Instead, meet real users and let them define your feature list.
Honour talents in your team and forget about titles. Pick the team by qualification, not availability – and prefer mindset over skillset.

We’re partners, not suppliers

Suppliers drop deliverables, partners create value. We foster co-creation and join forces with the technology and business experts, our clients and partners. Together, we generate outstanding results – as a team.

Do more, talk less

Actions speak louder than words. Create fast prototypes instead of bulky presentations.
Sharpen the team’s common understanding by working on the real thing. Don’t guess, try and learn from every iteration, day by day.

Pretty, but useless is pretty useless

Define the functionality before stepping into aesthetics. Design means to invent, to add significance, to make sense of things. Good design is essential to any business, pure decoration is not. Add sense, not decoration.

Decisions succeed over consensus

Deciding might be painful, but it’s the only way to deal with opportunities and opinions. Consensus can only lead to compromise – but doesn’t make a product great.

Act fast, repeat often

Being agile is a mindset, not a process. Remove all roadblocks and time-box all tasks, no matter how big or important. Create results faster to be able to test earlier – and encourage failure.

Doing less means gaining more

Complexity is a result of conflicting desires. If you want a product to be perfect, cut the clutter. Don’t stop until there is nothing more to take away.

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