Emanuel Schwarz

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Experience Designer

Emanuel founded his first company, "knowable," right after his studies, led product development at the music startup Grammofy, helped organize the first ThingsCon conferences, and after a foray into freelancing, is now an integral part of HelloDigital. These experiences have shaped his deep understanding of product development, technology, and design.

At HelloDigital, Emanuel is dedicated to concept design, product design, and user research. Of the many projects he has been involved in, the WiFi Sensing project was one of the most challenging and exciting for him. The task of introducing and successfully explaining a new and largely unknown technology required extensive research and several concept iterations, making the project particularly interesting for him.

Emanuel's inspiration comes from new perspectives and exciting thoughts that he finds in books, blogs, and video games. In his leisure time, he enjoys taking trips with his family and indulging in his passion for video games.

If Emanuel had a million euros at his disposal, he would like to invest in exciting ideas. He would also buy an apartment for himself and his family, where he would set up the ultimate game room with all available consoles.

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