Benedict Leicht

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Experience Designer

Benedict is a key support for our team at HelloDigital. His career path  has included many stations – for example agencies and companies like Ruska Martin, Wertstoffkombinat, Leicht & Faust, Datalyze Solutions, immmr, and Automat Berlin. His professional journey reflects his ability to adapt to various challenges. As a freelance designer, Benedict focuses on UI/UX design in our projects.

His work on the DT Design System particularly excited him: a project that allowed him to fully indulge his love for detail-oriented and technically demanding work. This aspect of design – the 'nerdy tinkering,' as he calls it – is also what he particularly enjoys about his profession. He appreciates the exciting projects, the variety, the team, and the technology that enrich his workday.

Benedict draws inspiration from everything he sees, both in the real world and online. In his free time, he enjoys relaxing and listening to music, preferably with friends who help him recharge.

If Benedict were given a million euros, he would take a trip around the world with his family – but then he would return to his work.