Felix Pfahlert

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Visual Designer

Felix supports HelloDigital as an external specialist with his expertise in design systems. As a tech-savvy designer, Felix sees his role in shaping the future step by step.

The most exciting project he was involved in was the development of the Frag Magenta Design System. Here, he was given the freedom to redesign and make an existing design system more efficient. His solution – design tokens – and the process of implementing them were not only innovative but also a testament to his ability to lead complex projects. Felix is particularly proud of the outcome of this project, which allowed him to specialize in a new field.

Felix draws his inspiration from a wide range of interests and collaborating with the HD team. Learning programming languages has helped him become a more rational designer. In his free time, he enjoys playing the piano, reading fiction, and engaging in sports.

For the future, Felix hopes to stay healthy and fit, perfect his piano playing, learn new instruments, and experience future technological breakthroughs.

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