Felix Wilke

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Founder and Digital Art Director

Even before his role as a co-founder of HelloDigital, Felix had an extensive professional journey that evolved from the world of graffiti to graphic design and finally to digital design. His ability to organize design, make it usable and aesthetically appealing, sets him apart in the design world.

In his role at HelloDigital, Felix takes care of art direction and quality assurance, with his commitment and creative spirit evident in every project. The Bosch Smart Charging project, which spanned from interface design to video production and the creation of hardware prototypes, counts as one of the most exciting challenges he has worked on.

Felix draws his inspiration from art, culture, and current global events. In his free time, he passionately dedicates himself to cooking: inventing new dishes, pickling vegetables, and producing kimchi are activities he finds immensely fulfilling.

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